R-860 With a unique double blade
design for stronger air flow
With a temperature setting for all clothes SP-2020 IntelliTemp R-1230 High performance absorbency
for more efficient cleaning
R-1218 With high performance for top
cleaning results
R-987 With pump pressure 20bar
for even stronger taste
R-397 New SmartTemp technology for
truly relaxing ironing


Effective care of clothes with the power of steam… and ironing becomes a game.


With state-of-the-art technology offering economy and efficiency in winter - summer, one is the solution...

Vacuum Cleaners

For easy, fast and efficient cleaning of all areas and surfaces... only one is the solution.

Personal Care

Innovative tools for fast styling and straightening of hair, effortlessly and in a minimum of time.

Kitchen appliances

Smart appliances for your kitchen.